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Set up your own online storefront today with no experience, using store templates that you just pick and choose.
Sign up with a drop shipper, giving you access to millions of products to sell (including brand name electronics & designer products)
Add their products to your storefront.
Sign up with affiliate marketers to have an army of people selling your products for you.
Market across the Internet, reaching thousands of customers daily.
And build residual income with your storefront, so that each day you work less hours.


easily earn $200 every day?
change your lifestyle by working from home?
make money working only a few hours each day?
work from anywhere in the world?


14k Two-Tone Diamond Heart Ring

Wholesale Price: $189.99
Retails Online: $265.00
Potential Profit: $75.01


Tassimo by Bosch Single Serve Coffee Brewer

Wholesale Price: $59.99
Retails Online: $109.99
Potential Profit: $50


LG 55-Inch 3D LED-LCD HDTV with 3D Blu-ray Player and Four Pairs of 3D Glasses

Wholesale Price: $799.99
Retails Online: $1,199.99
Potential Profit: $400


Angry Birds: Knock on Wood Board Game

Wholesale Price: $12.99
Retails Online: $29.95
Potential Profit: $16.96


Google Nexus 7 FHD Tablet (7-Inch, 16GB, Black) by ASUS

Wholesale Price: $136.10
Retails Online: $229.00
Potential Profit: $133.90


Classic White PS3 Instant Game Collection Bundle

Wholesale Price: $200.99
Retails Online: $299.99
Potential Profit: $99


Disney Fairies Wall Clock

Wholesale Price: $8.95
Retails Online: $19.99
Potential Profit: $11.14


Apples to Apples Party Box

Wholesale Price: $12.99
Retails Online: $29.99
Potential Profit: $17


Crayola Jewelry Botique

Wholesale Price: $9.99
Retails Online: $29.99
Potential Profit: $20


Revlon RV474 1875 Watt Ionic Hair Styler Dryer

Wholesale Price: $9.99
Retails Online: $19.99
Potential Profit: $10


Monster High Dolls

Wholesale Price: $24.99
Retails Online: $49.95
Potential Profit: $24.96


Examples of products
at wholesale.

Currently #2 result on Yahoo out of over 210 million results!!! Test us!

Currently #1 result on Yahoo out of over 126 million results!!! Test us!

and we're #1 on Yahoo out of over 116 million results!!! Test us!

... and #1 on Google out of a BILLIONresults!!Test us!

... and page 1 on Google out of a BILLION results!!Test us!


If online auction sales have proven anything, it's that the average person can now make a living online.

Millions of people, from all levels of experience in e-commerce, are working from home with their own online stores.

That's why we've created a guide to show anyone who has absolutely no experience with e-commerce how to start their own online store by the end of the day!

We'll show you what the professionals are doing to earn a consistent income online every day, even working only a few hours each day.

Read through this page as we cover how you, someone with no experience, can find financial freedom with online stores today!





Customers browse your store website and see a product they want. They order it from you, giving you their information using your easy shopping cart technology.

... customers are visiting your store at all hours and placing orders!



You collect their money and information. You then log into your drop shippers website and order the product from them at a wholesale price, giving them the customers information (shipping address)

... you make residual income while you sleep! You wake up to orders!



Your drop shipper then ships the product to your customer. You never handle the product, and the customer just assumes it came directly from you. That's it.

... you just email orders in to your drop shipper!



You pocket the difference, never having spent any of your own money! Are you begining to see the lifestyle having your own online storefront provides?

... you can run your storefronts from anywhere in the world, at any hours!



Drop shipping is when a store has a wholesaler ship products directly to their customers. By doing this, the store doesn't have to keep any products in stock. The customers receiving the products don't even know they're being shipped from a wholesaler and not your storefront.

In our program, we cover more than 50 of the best drop shippers to use, giving you free access to millions of products, including brand-name electronics, designer apparel & accessories, and As Seen On TV products!


This means all of the problems with opening an offline store (employees, inventory, and location) are removed and you have a worldwide storefront selling any products you want.

Remember, we're not talking about dealing with the hassles of selling through auction websites, although you can apply what we show you to doing that. We're talking about showing you how to have your own fully-customizable online .com storefront where people come to buy from you.

Easy to create!
No dealing with inventory!
No dealing with customers!
Easy to change & update!
Requires no experience!
Can be up within 24 hours!
Makes you money while you sleep!
Works anywhere in the world!



Signing up with a drop shipper can be done online and completely free of cost. No experience with web design or computer programming?

No problem. As we said before, no online experience is needed. In our program we cover the best web hosting companies and their software which creates your own storefront for you. There's nothing you'll need to know how to do. Below is a chart showing how easy it is to create your own online storefront.


  • Using the information we've provided in our program, you choose which hosting company and drop shipping company (or companies) you want to sign up with.
  • You then choose which domain name (name of your website) you want and register that domain using the information we've provided in our program.
  • Or, use our program to find a free solution for hosting.

  • Browse through templates offered by your hosting company for your storefront, or choose templates from one of the many websites we include in our program.
  • You then use the information provided in our program to guide you through setting up your shopping cart.
  • Use your hosting company to create your own custom logo or use the software mentioned in our program to create one yourself.
  • Start adding products.

  • Log into your drop shipper's website and choose which products you want to sell.
  • On their website, they'll have images and descriptions available for the products, as well as your selling price and the manufacturers suggested retail price.
  • You just copy the information for their products' prices, descriptions, and images, and put them into your software.

It's that simple. We show you how to have your storefront be created for you, not by you!
Now all you do is drive people to your store, which we show you how to do!

The creation of your online storefront is covered in great detail in our program to ensure that people with absolutely no experience can understand everything. After your storefront has been created, the same software can allow you to change the look of your store and add or remove products.



Our program is loaded with information covering search engine optimization. As you might already know from your online searches, if you're not on the first few results pages, no one will see your storefront.

We'll give you the tools and information you need to optimize your site so that you can get on those first pages of search engine results. This means people searching for something they want to buy with popular search engines can find your store!


An important tool used in Internet marketing which automatically responds to e-mails any potential customer might send you. You won't have to worry about finding these programs. Many hosting companies offer this service for you. It is very user-friendly and an invaluable tool in marketing your business.


Newsletters are weekly or monthly notifications you send to a pool of customers who have already shopped on your storefront or are interested in shopping. Online storefront owners often use this as a tool to inform repeat customers of upcoming new products and sales.

It's a great tool which results in endless streams of repeat customers. In our program we include several sites which help you with your newsletter and our program will help you with what to include in your newsletters.


In our program we show you how and where to advertise your storefront across the Internet absolutely free, which can result in thousands of new visitors each day. In our program we also cover more advanced methods of generating traffic, including:

  • Utilizing the information of the people coming to your storefront such as finding out the keywords they typed on search engines to locate your storefront.
  • Finding out which page of your store they were browsing when they left.
  • Locating a specific market of customers for your products and advertising to thousands of them for free.


We're currently the #2 result out of over A BILLION! results on Google!

Test us!

Other websites have to pay hand over foot to have their links sponsored. We teach you how to get loads of organic free traffic to your site!





How Affiliate Marketing Works :

Affiliate marketing is when someone, an affiliate marketer, promotes products online stores have for sale and collects a commission on the sale.

In our program we show you exactly where on the Internet to sign up and have other people working for you, sending traffic to your site. We also cover how to best take advantage of affiliate marketing programs.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing :

The sites can take care of everything. After you sign up and choose the products you want people to sell, you just set a commission price. This means that you can have an army of people selling for you! People from all over the world can be selling your products! They'll be advertising your products on their websites and blogs.

Now do you see how people can earn a full-time income working only a few hour per day?


If I sell on ebay, will this work for me?

Absolutely. While our program is designed to show someone with absolutely no experience how to start their own online storefront using their own .com website, the same guidelines of our program can be applied to any online auction website.

I already have a product to sell. Why should I buy your program?

Choosing a drop shipper is only one section of our program. If you already know what you want to sell, choosing a drop shipper is the easy part. The hard part of finding success with your online storefront is reaching potential customers and making sure when they visit your store they become customers.

Our program is devoted not only to showing you how to set up your storefront but how to become successful with it. The tools and proven formulas we give you can result in you reaching millions of visitors each year. When you reach those visitors and they come to your site, we give you the methods to turn them into customers and keep them coming back for repeat sales.

And since we continually update our program and you get all future updates for free, you get more marketing techniques and ecommerce tips as our program grows. Our program continues to work for you long after you've purchased it!

I don't yet know what I want to sell. Is that a problem?

Absolutely not. For most people beginning to sell online, choosing what to sell is where most of the fun is. With over 1,000,000 products available for you to choose from, you should have no problem finding products you're interested in while browsing through different drop shipper's products.

Do I need a business license to sign up with a drop shipper?

No. Many drop shipping websites have member bases that are just regular people selling online for profit.

What about accepting payments? How does that work?

Not only do we guide you through how payment processing works, software available to you comes with built-in shopping cart technology so you don't have to learn how it works!

Have any questions? Send us an email.



Your conversion rate is the percentage of visitors coming to your storefront who order something from you. The Internet average for an online business is 2%, although successful storefronts who know what they're doing can maintain between 5% and 8%.

Sound low? Think about what that means for your storefront. If you have only 1,000 people visiting your storefront each day, and have only a 2% conversion rate, that means you'll have between 20 and 80 orders each day!


Drop shippers don't just provide products at wholesale prices. They sell products to you at below wholesale, which means you can act as a wholesaler. You can sell products in bulk to other online storefronts, or even to offline stores in bulk, providing for massive profit.


Some drop shippers will create a storefront for you already stocked with their products. Then you can choose which products to add or drop by browsing their inventory, all done for you with their software. It's all automated. Once someone visits the site, the drop shipper handles the order once they receive it. This means once your store is up and you've selected which products you want to sell, you just collect the money! You can just spend a half hour, maybe an hour marketing in the morning and be done for the day!


Other than showing you how to advertise your storefront across the Internet, we can show you how to save your time by automating your marketing! We'll show you where to get the software you need that markets your storefront for you!



Below are examples of what your online store can look like using basic templates. Click on any of them to view a demo. Each demo will open in a new window.




Imagine 80 orders per day. That's pretty great for one store. But what if you find so many items you want to sell that you have a hard time putting it all on one store? The answer is you shouldn't.

The real power of e-commerce is having multiple themed storefronts. Do you see the power of that? With us showing you where to sign up for free hosting and free storefront creation software, it's easy to open up second or third stores, selling products like:

  • Watches
  • Electronics
  • Crafts
  • Toys
  • Jewelry
  • Clothes
  • Household Appliances

That's the power of the Internet! You can open any kind of store you want to!

There's nothing stopping you from choosing more products to sell, opening another store, signing up with more affiliate marketers and offering them more of your products to sell, then spending a bit more time each day marketing to double your income!


Are you ready to learn what everyone else is doing to make a living online?

Are you ready to learn more of what we've been showing you and start putting it into action to start making money online today?

Our program has been made to ensure anyone can understand it without any prior experience. We will show you step by step exactly what you have to do to learn how to make a living online with your own online storefront. We save you years of trial and error.

We know that once you read our program, you'll realize you can change your life. You'll realize you've just had a new career handed to you. We believe it so much we guarantee that, after following our step-by-step instructions to open your own online storefront and implementing our marketing methods, if you are not making at least $200 every day and working only one hour, we'll give you your money back, no questions asked!

If our program doesn't change your life, you get your money back!

You have absolutely nothing to lose!


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